Einträge von schnittkammer

Moli Nowhere – Music

The new music video for Moli – a 20-year-old Berlin based Belgian singer and songwriter – and her new dance-pop single “Nowhere” we worked on is out now.   Artist: www.instagram.com/whoismoli Director: www.instagram.com/anukrohde DoP & Edit: pataldingerdop.com Color Grading & VFX: schnittkammer.de

Allianz – Commercial

Together with Avance Marketing and the director Harris Hodovic, we worked on several spots for the Allianz and their new digital provision and future investment program “Fourmore”, which stands for more freedom, more claritiy, more safety and more growth.   Director: mynameis.harrishodovic.com Editing & CC & VFX: www.schnittkammer.de Client: www.allianz.com

TK-Hockey – Commercial

Who wants to play some hockey with top-tier equipment? TK-Hockey just released a new commercial for their hockey equipment in their new social media campaign.   Client: www.tk-hockey.com Director: www.instagram.com/domingobraz DoP: pataldingerdop.com Editor: www.instagram.com/domingobraz Color Grading: schnittkammer.de

Final Stair – Music

The rock music trio Final Stair just released their latest single “End of Love” and some trailers for the upcoming music video. The official music video for the single will follow soon on January 11.   Artist: www.finalstair.com Director & DoP: pataldingerdop.com Editor: schnittkammer.de Color Grading: www.seniorcolourist.com

Errdeka RDP – Music

The new music video for Errdeka and his song “Roll das Paper” (roll the paper) from his newest album “Liebe” (love) is already finished and released on Eyeslow’s (EYSLW) YouTube channel.   Artist: www.errdeka.de Director: www.instagram.com/anukrohde DoP & Edit: pataldingerdop.com Casting: www.konstantinalevicasting.com Color Grading & VFX: schnittkammer.de

Hashem Al-Ghaili – Science

Hashem Al-Ghaili is famous for his video content on Facebook about science, technology and nature. His newest clip with an important message named “A Message To The World”about the climate change just released today.   Director & Editor: www.facebook.com/ScienceNaturePage Assistant Director: www.instagram.com/anukrohde DoP: pataldingerdop.com Color Grading: schnittkammer.de

Sam DWDH – Music

Latest music video for Sam (Jive Germany) and his new single “Da wo du herkommst” (where you come from) is finished and just released yesterday, go and check it out!   Artist: www.facebook.com/SamsWelt Production: www.verbwide.com Director: www.instagram.com/domingobraz Producer: www.instagram.com/jenna.bey DoP: pataldingerdop.com Casting: www.instagram.com/glordette Color Grading: schnittkammer.de

Marie Bothmer – Music

New music video for Marie Bothmer (Warner Music Germany) and her upcoming single “Halbes Du” is in the making. Stay tuned for the release at the end of August, 31.08.2018.   Artist: www.warnermusic.de/marie-bothmer Actor: www.agentur-kerstin.de/schauspieler/felix-phoenix-lehmann Director & DoP: www.volkan-musik.de Color Grading: www.dev.schnittkammer.de

Errdeka Schulden – Music

We have a lot of new projects in the pipeline. One of them is a music video for rapper Errdeka and his new single “Schulden” (debt) for the upcoming album “Liebe” (love). Release will be on Thursday 13.09.2018.   Artist: www.errdeka.de Director: www.instagram.com/anukrohde DoP & Edit: pataldingerdop.com Casting: www.konstantinalevicasting.com Color Grading: schnittkammer.de

DRK / GRC – Commercial

We worked on a new spot for the DRK – Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (German Red Cross, GRC) – and their “Missing Types” campaign 2018 for the “International Blood Donor Day”. An important topic, so give it some attention!   Client and more info: www.drk.de / www.drk.de/en Director: www.bluefilm.de/directors/igor-plischke DoP & Edit: pataldingerdop.com Color Grading & VFX: schnittkammer.de